Rivet Lock Shelf Framing - Assembly Instructions

Begin by unpacking and identifying parts. There are four different types of steel members:
Upright post
One at each corner.
Small end of hole points down.
End Angle
Use front to back
between upright posts.
Long Beam
Use left to right
between upright posts.
Imtermediate Support
Use front to back - bolts
to bottom flange of long beams.

General Sequence

1. Make upright frames by installing end angles to upright posts.
2. Install long beams at same level as end angles. (See Shelf Panel Note, below.)
3. Bolt intermediate supports to long beams.

Step 1
Step 1: Drive end angles. With mallet or hammer drive end angles into topmost and lowest positions on post. Then determine other shelf positions and drive down end angles in these locations. For file box storage units, upper shelves are 26" down from each other, measured top to top. Make sure both ends of the angle are at the same level by reference to small round post holes on 6" centers.

Step 2
Step 2: Drive long beams. Insert and drive down long beams front and back at same levels as end angles. Tops of beams are plain. Holes are in bottom flange only. Don't put them upside down! Start with bottom beams first and work upward. (See Shelf Panel note, below.)

Step 3
If used, attach intermediate supports to bottom flanges of beams one bolt each end. For one intermediate support per shelf, bolt in either of holes A. For two intermediate supports per shelf, use holes "B". Step 3 diagram


Shelf Panels
If one piece: Best to install on each shelf level as completed. Otherwise, there may not be enough clearance to angle them in.
If two piece: Can be installed anytime. Double face tape on tops of beams near center will keep panels from sliding.

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