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About Us

Robert T. Halstrick, son of a Scottish immigrant, founded Scotland Rack, Ltd. in 1982. Bob graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology with a degree in Engineering and worked many years designing products in the materials handling industry. Bob felt the company for which he worked was being badly mismanaged so he set about designing a product that could be produced with minimal capitalization which he could produce himself.

The launch product was Scotch Rack™ bulk storage rack. The rack he designed used a patented clip on end connector for the beam and a bolt together end frame. By eliminating the need for welding he could produce his product from pre-painted steel which is more economical and provides a better finish than other painting methods. This also eliminated welding costs and made a product that packaged easier, was less prone to damage in transit and had lower shipping rates. Bob filed for his first independent patent in 1982 and, using a Small Business Administration loan from the US government, set to work with his son Richard purchasing and refurbishing machinery to produce his designs.

Though the company was American, Bob wanted both the company and its name to reflect the principles of honesty, solid quality and thrift in which he believed and for which his Scottish ancestors were known. After much thought, "Scotland Rack" was born.

The fledgling company rapidly outgrew its initial space, and in early 1983 moved to a larger space in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. By 1987, that space was too small and Scotland Rack built a brand new plant five times the size of the startup space.

When Bob passed away unexpectedly in August 2001, his vision had been realized. The company had established a strong reputation for quality products, outstanding service, and swift delivery.

Bob's son, Richard Halstrick, succeeded Bob as President and CEO of Scotland Rack. Richard worked closely with his father since the company’s inception. He has an Engineering degree from University of Maryland, and sat on the Board of Directors for the prior seventeen years.

Under Richard's direction, the company continued to grow and broaden its product line in spite of an adverse economy. In 2002, the plant that had served the company so well for 15 years was bursting at the seams, and Richard moved the company once again to its current home in a much larger building in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

Today, Scotland Rack is a leader in the materials handling industry with over 2 million dollars yearly in sales and represented by over 3000 distributors nationwide. The company is proud to serve the storage needs of many businesses, large and small throughout the United States.